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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question? Want to learn more? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions, accompanied by our thorough answers.

How do you start carnivore/ketovore?

I have excellent how to start and what to expect videos, just head to the home page and scroll towards the bottom to watch those videos!

Can I not eat any vegetables?

Carnivore is an animal based lifestyle, however if you desire you can opt to do ketovore which has some low carb vegetables! I opted for carnivore due to autoimmune issues, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Vegetables contain oxalates which cause inflammation but each persons body is unique and may tolerate the vegetables!

What about fruit?

For those of us that are obese, diabetics and insulin resistance it is a good idea to completely avoid fruit as it causes spikes in insulin and does not allow the body to repair the damage from the excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates we have consumed. Also by consuming sugars the body is not able to maintain fat burning mode, ketosis, (uses the sugars first) which slows down weight loss and can derail health improvements. That being said, there are those who are extremely active and metabolically healthy that MAY tolerate intermittent fruit. 

Do you have problems going the bathroom?

The simple answer is no, I do not.  I just ensure that I drink plenty of water and consume enough fat. Fiber is unnecessary to stimulate bowel movements as the body uses what is called a peristaltic wave to push the eaten food through the digestive track and out of the body. It is normal to only have to go to the bathroom 1x a day or every other day as the body has very little waste from being able to absorb almost ALL the nutrients from the food being consumed. Fiber binds up nutrients and does not allow the intestines to fully utilize what we eat which causes frequent and larger bowel movements. 

Do I have to eat grass feed beef?

No, grass fed beef is a great option but completely unnecessary. May people feel limited or that they cannot financially do carnivore because of the push that they should only eat grass fed. I do my best to buy the high quality meat I can afford but rarely eat grass fed due to the expense and preferring grain fed beef taste more.  

How do you afford this way of eating?

We save quite a bit of money eating this way because we do not throw anything away anymore nor buy unnecessary food.  Think about how much food you have had to recently throw away, rotten avocados, bananas , etc. I also overall consume less as I am so satiated from the animal products we eat. The best way we save money is looking for meat deals weekly and buying what we can on sale to drop the overall cost.

What about our cardiac health, aren't saturated fats bad?

I recently did an excellent video with cardiologist Dr. Phillip Ovadia. Check that out as it will truly surprise you! 

Do you take supplements?

I do, I see it as backup for anything I may be not getting enough of. I take a high quality multivitamin, 2 drops of Lugols 2% iodine and D3 daily. You can see all the supplements I take on:

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